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What A Croc

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It has not been a good month for Syracuse University. We've been disrespected by the NCAA Tournament committee. We've been disrespected by every other major lacrosse program out there. And now...we've been disrespected by leading clog makers.

Deadspin pointed out today that Nordstrom's is selling University-specific CROCS. They're basically the uber-college shoe, good for dorm-showering, lolligagging, fussing about and general hanging-out activities. You can find the pair for you, assuming you attended the University of Wisconsin or Duke or USC. As for dice! I mean, I guess you could get away with the Illinios pair or the Florida pair, but you'd still have to scratch their logo off.

One day we will live in a world where you can proudly wear rubber clogs that bear the colors and mark of Syracuse University. Today is not that day.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Anonymous, who is always either the most helpful commenter out there or the most angry, for letting me know SU Crocs ARE available at the SU Bookstore where I'm sure they have not been marked up AT ALL. Cuse Nation can sleep easy.