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Watch This Space!

Congrats to Demetris Nichols who was named to the AP All-American honorable mention yesterday. But now the big question is, how will he fare in the SOB Awards???

Starting tomorrow at 12pm EST, the collective of Syracuse bloggers who have spent the last six months riding the roller coaster that was the 2006-2007 Syracuse Orange basketball season will be handing out the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards. We'll be handing out an award every hour, starting at noon eastern until 6:00 eastern Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to honor (and sometimes dishonor) the people who made this basketball season what it was.

The participating sites will include yours truly,
Orange44, Cuse Country, OrangeHoops, Getting Back to '03 and Sports Night With Howie Mansfield. Don't worry, we'll let you know where you need to go to find each award winner. All you need to do is check back here at noon tomorrow to find out the winner of the first award, Most Surprising Player, and then I'll send you off to find the winner of the next award, and so on.

List of Awards To Be Announced:

12pm ET: Most Surprising Player - TroyNunesIsAnAbsoluteMagician
1pm ET: Favorite Boeheim Quote of the Year - Orange44
2pm ET: Final Concensus on the New Uniforms - Cuse Country
3pm ET: Best Syracuse-Related Photo - Sports Night With Howie Mansfield
4pm ET: Best Senior - Getting Back to '03
5pm ET: Worst Game - OrangeHoops

12pm ET: Most Disappointing Player - SportsNight With Howie Mansfield
1pm ET: Best Freshman - TroyNunesIsAnAbsoluteMagician
2pm ET: Favorite Non-Boeheim Syracuse Quote of the Year - Getting Back to '03
3pm ET: Favorite Game - Cuse Country
4pm ET: Worst Moment - Orange44
5pm ET: Best Sophomore - OrangeHoops

12 pm ET: Biggest Villain/Nemesis - Getting Back to '03
1pm ET: Best Junior - Sports Night With Howie Mansfield
2pm ET: Favorite Moment - Orange44
3pm ET: Best Syracuse-related online video - Cuse Country
4pm ET: MVP & Wrap-Up - TroyNunesIsAnAbsoluteMagician