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TeBucky Jones, TeAll TeThe TeTime

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."
-Me, seconds after reading the forthcoming article

If I told you that a movie was being made about a Syracuse football player, you'd probably tell me "yeah, I know about the Ernie Davis movie." Then if I said there was another one, you'd probably say "Well its about time they made a movie about Jim Brown." And when I said not him, you'd likely say "Isn't it a little too soon for McNabb: A Man And His Dream?" I'd say yes and then you'd say "A movie about the undefeated Dolphins doesn't count as a Larry Csonka movie" and I'd agree with you. And then you'd say "Well, who the hell is it? TeBucky Jones or some shit?"

Yes. It's a movie about TeBucky Jones or some shit.

According to the Hollywood Reporter

Dimension Films has pre-emptively purchased the comedy project "Tough Love" from writers Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson, with Ice Cube attached to star and Thomas Carter to direct.
Inspired by the life of former New England Patriots defensive back Tebucky Jones, the story centers on a tough-as-nails NFL player who realizes that his kids have become spoiled brats. In an effort to toughen them up, he forces them to spend their summer in the mean streets of Oakland, Calif., where he grew up. Along the way, he realizes that he also might have some things to learn.

I actually remember reading this article in Sports Illustrated or ESPN Magazine a few years back. I didn't think that it could actually be turned into a movie. But, leave it to the people behind "Are We There Yet" to milk all they can from this one.

And where, pretell, did I find out about this news? Why, on the MySpace page of Tebucky Jones...the band! I'm not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed to learn this wasn't TeBucky rapping, but once I got to know Brendan Longshanks (related to the king in Braveheart?), Tim, Matt, Brian and Scott's tunes a little better, I signed off on the naming. Plus, anyone who posts "More evidence the Patriots have become total Jackasses" after the near-perfect off-season they've had simple because they cut TeBucky Jones gets a big win in my book. Rock on, TeBucky the Band.

As for the man himself, his website is currently down but according to his Wikipedia page, "Tebucky was spotted at the Middletown Superior Court in Middletown, CT dealing with a traffic violation on Weds, March 21, 2007." Too soon for Free TeBucky T-shirts?