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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards - Most Valuable Player

Much like the Best Freshman and the Best Senior, the Most Valuable Player Award for the 2006-2007 Syracuse Orange is an open and shut case. At least, it certainly was in the eyes of the voting body:

Howie Mansfield,
Sports Night With Howie Mansfield: Demetris Nichols - This could have gone to Eric Devendorf, but Nichols was the consistent performer in the latter part of the season that allowed Syracuse to co
mpete for an NCAA/NIT bid. Nichols really grew up this year from the vastly inconsistent shooter not willing to accept the ball with the game on the line to being "that" player who wanted the last shot, even if he missed it.

Orange Ray,
OrangeHoops: I have to go with Demetris Nichols, who was by far the best player on the court on a consistent basis; if he had more of a ‘give me the ball’ attitude he’d be a no-brainer. Devo deserves some consideration, though he easily contributed to some losses as well as wins. If you want to argue value correlated with wins, a strong case could be made for Andy Rautins. There’s no doubting that the team played better in games that Andy played well, and struggled
when he didn’t. But, if you’re asking for ‘the guy I most want on the court’, that’s absolutely Nichols.

Matt Glaude, Orange44: Demetris Nichols - The stats are overwhelming:
1. Led the team in percentage of minutes played (86.5);

2. Led the tea
m in offensive efficiency rating (113.6);
3. Led the team in percentage of shots (28.8);

4. In a virtual tie with Darryl Watkins for the team's lead in effective field goal percentage;

5. Led the team in free throw percentage; and

6. Maintained the lowest turnover rate on the team (14.3).

To quote Jim Boeheim, "this team would not have won 10 [expletive deleted] games without [Demetris Nichols]."

Cuse Country: Nichols, undoubtedly.

Cuse Country: Gotta be Demetris Nichols, right? How can a guy be touted as a contender for conference player of the year and not even be the MVP of his own team?

Moi: I think it was OrangeHoops who pointed out just how big of a jump this guy made from sophomore year to junior year and then from junior to senior. As the season started I think we would have all been happy if he was All-Conference Honorable Mention worthy. Instead, he was a couple Syracuse wins away from Conference Player of the Year.

Getting Back to '03: Nichols.

Consideration to Devo is warranted but Howie M alludes to the w
hole point of this...we're down one, five seconds left...who do you want with the ball in their hand? There's no doubt its Demetris Nichols.