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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards - Best Freshman

Man, talk about an anti-climactic award. Is there any doubt?

Howie Mansfield, Sports Night With Howie Mansfield - Paul Harris -- Look out. He's only getting better. A co-worker of mine played against Harris when he was out here in Western New York and said that he is a solid player that is only improving. Harris has raw physical talent that will explode with time. When given the minutes, Harris was a difference maker.

OrangeRay, OrangeHoops - Paul Harris… of course. Really, he had a very good freshman season. Its just that Carmelo Anthony set a standard that really is difficult to match (as did Moten, the Pearl, and Billy Owens before him).

Matt Glaude, Orange44 - Paul Harris - This selection is probably more out of circumstances than actual performance. The rest of his freshman counterparts -- Mike Jones and Devin Brennan-McBride -- either transferred or sat out the season attempting to secure a medical redshirt. Harris showed flashes of greatness throughout the season, but he clearly needs to learn how to play the game. He destroyed Connecticut twice this season (which is notable considering Harris' complete lack of basketball acumen), and generally served as a somewhat reasonable option off the bench on the defensive end. However, until Harris develops some modicum of an offensive game, his choice as a highlighted player will still turn on the attendant circumstances.

Myself - The good news for Paul Harris is that he had a good season for a freshman. A solid contributor to the team and if nothing else, he established himself as a go-to guy for tempo-setting plays and as an emotional leader on the court. He’ll be called upon to be even more of a leader next season and we’ll be seeing a big jump in his production.

Josh and Tim at Cuse Country and DutchHart at Getting Back to '03 all had one word for us - Harris.

So in a landslide, the Best Freshman of the Year is...Paul Harris. Mazel Tov, Paul.

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