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Syracuse Hates the USA

I could tell you that the above title refers to the University of South Alabama (USA...see!), but in all honestly, right now we blame everyone and anyone for the transgressions against us in the past 24 hours. As far as we're concerned, the terrorists won.

In the interest of moving forward, however hard it might be, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at this South Alabama team and figure out...well...who the hell they are.

School: University of South Alabama
Jaguars (Not sure if that's the jag-wire kind or the jag-war kind)
Mobile, AL
Red, White and Blue (duh)
Sun Belt
2007 Record: 20-11 (13-5)
Head Coach:
Mike Pelfrey, former UK guard played for Pitino and assisted Donovan in Florida. Led So. Alabama to the NCAAs last year (lost to Florida in 1st round).
How'd They Get Here:
South Alabama was the #1 seed in the Sun Belt Tournament but was upset by Middle Tennessee State. Hence...NIT.
Who Do We Need to Worry About:
Demetric Bennett (15.3 PPG) and Ernest Little (12.8 PPG/9.0 RPG)
Notable Games:
L 63-73 Fresno St, L 46-84 Miss St, L 72-82 Ole Miss, L 71-82 Auburn
Random fact to mention to friends during the game to make yourself more interesting than you really are: Former Arizona Diamondback and World Series hero Luis Gonzalez is an alumnus.