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Syracuse Drinks In San Diego

In the words of Ron Burgandy, "Go f*** yourself, San Diego."

Okay, that was a little harsh. I'm sure the 80-64 drubbing by the Orange was enough already. As predicted, the largest crowd in NIT history (which is a little like breaking the record for most participants in a midget gangbang, sure its nice and you're happy to be a part of history but you'd much rather be with the "normies") watched the Orange beat the Aztecs, a crowd of 26,752. It also happened to be the third biggest on-campus crowd all season. Nice work, Cusians.

Since Clemson
took care of their business against Ole Miss, this was the final home game for the seniors and it was a nice way to go out, even for a cynical jerk like myself. Demetris Nichols sprang for 20, Terrence Roberts scored 8 and rebounded 8, Andy Rautins made it rain five times for 15 points and Paul Harris put in a nice 12 & 7.

Cuse will travel to South Carolina to play the Tigers on Wednesday.