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Speaking Your Rancorous, Vitrol-Fueled Mind Yields Positive Results

In case you forgot this (and how could you really?):

That rant was the result of an anonymous poll given to assistant coaches around the Big East at the end of the season that allowed for some interesting and irrational declarations. As for this such poll.

A Big East official, ironically speaking on the condition of anonymity, said no formal vote was taken and no rule was adopted. But the coaches apparently agreed to discourage members of their coaching staffs from taking part in anonymous polls.

It's a shame, really. We could really use the spark that only a "If we didn't have Andy Rautins, we wouldn't have hit TEN F*CKING THREE-POINTERS THIS YEAR. NOT TEN," rant provides.

One note thought, a throwaway at the end of the article:

When told there would be no poll this year, one Big East assistant laughed and said, "Good. I'm safe. I would've given Eric Devendorf the trash-talker award."

I didn't realize Doug Gottlieb was moonlighting as a Rutgers assistant.