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SOB Story

Day Two of the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards (The Ottos, as they've come to be known) has come and gone.

Best Freshman - Paul Harris
Best Non-Boeheim Syracuse Quote of the Year
Favorite Game of the Season
Worst Moment of the Year
Best Sophomore - Eric Devendorf

Sports Night With Howie Mansfield ran into some Internet difficulties earlier today and he'll be posting the award for Most Disappointing Player sometime this evening. (Ed. Note: It's up)

The schedule for tomorrow is as such:

12 pm ET: Biggest Villain/Nemesis - Getting Back to '03
1pm ET: Best Junior - Sports Night With Howie Mansfield
2pm ET: Favorite Moment - Orange44
3pm ET: Best Syracuse-related online video - Cuse Country
4pm ET: MVP & Wrap-Up - TroyNunesIsAnAbsoluteMagician

Count the seconds, my darlings.