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Reap What You Sow, NCAA Committee!

The NCAA committee should have known that if they called down the thunder, they would the thunder?

You can feel the anger from these two gentlemen oozing through your computer screen. You can taste the vitriolic bile as our protagonist calmly tells us "Hereisthenccatermanent. Idontseesyracuseanywhereonheresoimgonnatakeoutmyangeronthistournamentrighthere." Certainly his cohort is his bitter and enraged equal and we witness the true carnage that the NCAA tournament has wrought on itself. A massacre so intense that our trusty paper-burner can only leap out of the way of the falling embers moments before falling victim to his own fury.

The venom is kicked into overdrive at :34 when our friends share hateful barbs that cut right to the core of the matter:

"Shame, you know, we shoulda been there, its a shame."
"Yeah, we didn't deserve to be NIT."
"Nope. Sure don't."


Around the :54 point our good buddies come to a sad realization...that all this heartache, all this hate, all these symbolic gestures of burning a piece of paper on which a tournament bracket is printed on...could have been avoided. The dreamers will dream and the poets will write of this day...but its a bittersweet victory for our fair friends.

Plus, you can't let that thing burn for too never know if and when a cinder will float up onto the end of your nose and make you itch. That's so friggin' annoying.