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One Down, Two To Go

In case you haven't, make sure you stop by all the right places to see the outcome of the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards handed out today:

Most Surprising Player
Favorite Boeheim Quote
Final Word On The New Uniforms
Best Syracuse-Related Photos
Best Senior
Worst Game (will be up tonight)

Start your day tomorrow over at Sports Night With Howie Mansfield to find out the winner of Most Disappointing Player at 12pm EST.

12pm ET: Most Disappointing Player - SportsNight With Howie Mansfield
1pm ET: Best Freshman - TroyNunesIsAnAbsoluteMagician
2pm ET: Favorite Non-Boeheim Syracuse Quote of the Year - Getting Back to '03
3pm ET: Favorite Game - Cuse Country
4pm ET: Worst Moment - Orange44
5pm ET: Best Sophomore - OrangeHoops