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Oh Brother

Kim Baxter over at the P-S was doing a little background on the San Diego State Aztecs coming to town on Monday and she uncovered a little gem of a coincidence. One of the Aztecs' assistant coaches is Gregg Gottlieb, and unless in some foreign country I've never heard of Gottlieb is the local equivalent of "Smith" or "Jones," that would put Greggy in a very specific family tree.

Yep, he's Doug's younger brother. We can only assume he isn't allowed to handle player expense sheets.

You know how in every major action movie, there's always the younger brother/cousin/son/buddy who gets caught up in the protagonist's mission and is always a little overzealous and that's what makes him lovable but in the heat of battle he's the first one to get hurt and it hurts the protagonist more than if he himself had been the one to be defeated? (See The Patriot, Troy, The Last Samurai, 300, Starship Troopers to name a few)

Well...we can't seem to get to big Gottlieb, so if we want to send a message, we'll have to hit home. Break out the markers and cardboard paper...bring your over-sized credit card images...prepare your wacky derogatory phrases that somehow turn the word Gottlieb into a sexual position...however you do it, your mission is clear.

God speed.