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Not A Time To Be Cavalier...Or Get Beat By Them

Contrary to the popular opinion that Monday's win over Georgetown not only crowned Syracuse Big East champs, assured them a spot in the Final Four and required Andy Gottlieb to renounce his wicked ways...the Orange still have one more game this season (and all that other stuff isn't very true either, except for the Gottlieb part...kinda).

The Orange and their five-game winning streak head to Philly this Saturday to take on the Wildcats in a game that has bigger implications than most nervous Orange fans care to admit. The Orange are in a position to finish as high as 4th in the conference (albeit very unlikely) and as low as sixth. That's the difference between a first-round bye, St Johns and pesky UConn. Also, as much as Joe Lunardi and his coven of Bracketesiologists have taken the Orange under their wing, a nice road win over Nova would go a long way towards getting a 6/7-seed instead of an 8/9. The Orange defeated the Cats 75-64 back in January, which seems like a lifetime ago.

And speaking of teams that could really use an impressive win, the lacrosse Orange take the field this weekend in the "Oh Shit, One Of Us Will Be 1-2" Classic against Virginia. The #5 Cavaliers and #9 Orange are both 1-1 and both coming off huge upset losses, to Drexel and Army respectively. They met in last year's Final Four with Virginia winning 17-10 en route to their national championship. For the Orange, the big question is can they put shots on goal and can they do it late in the game, two things they had a lot of trouble with against Army.