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First off, can someone verify for me that the guys over at Orange44 didn't kill themselves in a pre-arranged NCAA Tournament Snub Suicide Pact? No word from them since Sunday...

It's eerie visiting all the other Syracuse blogs and reading their coverage and preparation for tonight's NIT game between Syracuse and South Alabama. Nobody's heart is in it and every word is tinged with resentment and anger. Reminds me of my college girlfriend.

Over at Cuse Country, the
NIT bracket challenge, of which I'm participating (TNIAAM) and already in last place after one day, has begun.

I do like Daz's rationale on the NIT:

Winning the NIT would be like getting dumped, but finding a rebound girlfriend right away. Sure, she’s not as attractive and successful as your ex, but at least you have someone. And you can tell yourself that your ex regrets her rash judgment about your potential prospects.

What he forgot to mention is that this rebound girl also has about a dozen other prospects in the works and she's just waiting to see who works out and who's got whiskey dick.

See ya after the game. Remember Syracuse fans, this is the only time that you can chant USA SUCKS and not end up on Fox News. Go Orange!