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NIT Attendance Record, Meet Thy Maker

What a difference a week makes.

A week ago this time Cuse Nation was up in arms over the NCAA snub, vowing not only to disown themselves from the NCAA Tourney but not to give a shit about the NIT one as well.
Now? We're openly gloating in the fact that we are going to not only win the NIT but we're going to send more people to harass San Diego State and Gregg Gottlieb than have ever watched an NIT game before. Hooray for the law of diminishing expectations! The current record of 23,522 was set by Kentucky in 1979. Consider this payback for 1996, Cats. How you like us NOW!?!

So yeah there's all that NCAA nonsense going on (and has been kinda boring, huh? I AM glad we weren't a part of that snooze fest). Have you looked at the NIT though? Even this tournament has become a major conference playground. Whose left? Florida State, West Virginia, NC State...San Diego State is actually the last team standing that isn't from one of the majors. What happened to the days of the University of St. Louis winning the NIT? I'm surprised Billy Packer hasn't praised the NIT yet for its determination in eradicating the mini-major threat.

(The preceding paragraph should fire up any and all of you
NIT conspiracists quite nicely).

San Diego State is coached by Steve Fisher, whom you might remember from the 1990 Michigan National Championship and three Final Fours in all. How did this guy end up in the Mountain West again? Oh right.