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More About These Unifo...Excuse Me, System Of Dress

I am taking the subdued reaction to the new uniforms as a sign of speechlessness. I get it, I kinda feel the same way. I'm sure there's a PR agency right now scouring the Internet for discussion, good or bad, about these new unis and we're only helping prove the point that this is as much a discussion piece as it is a new technology or "system of dress."

I am thoroughly disappointed with the Axeman's reaction to all of this. After his "I don't understand the kids today, what with their multi-color Yankee hats and whatnot" tirade, I fully expected him to be the first person in the history of blogging to commit suicide mid-type. Instead, he played the blah card, which is less exciting (yet a much better outcome for Axey).

However, I take issue with the assumption that "fans will hit the forums to rip it to shreds....then go find it online so they can buy it." Normally I would agree, but we're talking about FORM-FITTING clothing here. I'm not the biggest guy out there but I think it's a fair assessment to say I'm not at my playing weight anymore either. I don't want form fitting clothing anywhere within 500 feet of me at anytime, let alone on my person. I think a lot of people are going to feel the same way. And God help us for the 300+ pound Syracuse fans who don't.

I found these blurbs on the Nike "System Of Dress" website in describing how they got here:

Nike designers drew inspiration from and created a look that is reminiscent of the 1970s era Syracuse Orangemen, down to the iconic blocking on the shorts. (Was it inspiration or just that you needed some kind of piping design to make sense?)

For the first time, Syracuse players will wear the world "ORANGE" on their home jersey. (Here's the real reason)Not only is the design to call out the Syracuse nickname, (and here's the bullshit PR reason)but to also serve as a tribute to the Syracuse player and fans' fierce passion for their mascot.

On the base layer created to be worn beneath the Nike Fitted Jersey are the letter BSB in script on the left chest right above the heart. The design is borrowed from the first Syracuse basketball logo created for the team around 1900. (Notice that they don't explain what the BSB means...cause they have no idea) On that same piece rising from the bottom are the names of past school hall of fame players in text. (No word on whether or not Matt Gorman made it)

I think Nike is throwing the word "inspiration" around a little too much for clothing that was designed to represent a company first and a specific school second. Just like those football jerseys that Miami and Virginia Tech wore two years ago. You start to identify certain schools as "Nike schools" and that only benefits the company.

And we haven't even heard from UniWatch yet about all of this. Has someone gone to Paul Lukas' house to make sure he's still breathing?