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Crumbling Dynasty

Don't look now but the mighty Syracuse lacrosse team is 2-3 after getting pushed around by Johns Hopkins 17-9. It was never in question as Hopkins led 11-5 at the half at at one point was up 16-6.

It's the latest disappointment for the proud program, which is coming off a week where two of its players were
arrested for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. And lest we forget that this wasn't the first incident involving an SU lacrosse player this year, the first one coming when a lax player was arrested for punching another SU student in the face several times.

Lacrosse players have never had the best reputations to begin with and since the Duke fiasco, they've been walking on eggshells. No one outside of the Syracuse region really cares at this point but if various members of the team are so willing to beat up their fellow classmates or start trouble with the cops, its only going to take one more indiscretion before someone starts to notice "those damn lacrosse kids" and starts making comparisons and accusations.

Based on who they played and benefiting from their reputation, Syracuse is still ranked #12 in the nation. Next week they get Binghamton which is, on paper, a very winnable game, but nothing is being taken for granted this season. The Orange find themselves in an unfamiliar position...fighting for a spot. It's been this way now for a few years actually and last year's team was able to make a nice run of it. This year's team has a long way to go before proving they'll be able to extend the run of Final Fours.