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Check Out Juli Boeheim's Hidden Valley

I couldn't write a better paragraph than the one found on the Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dunk & Dip Challenge website, so I'll just leave it to them:

The feverish frenzy of college basketball is in full swing! Cheering for your favorite team and dressings in their colors to show your team spirit are all hallmarks of the excitement surrounding this time of year. But don’t forget the game-time snacks. Enjoy these dunk-a-licious dip recipes, developed by the wives of college basketball’s best-loved coaches.

Either we're really behind in this competition or they've just selected a "Final Four" consisting of Juli Boeheim (Syracuse), Barb Kruger (UNLV), Kelly Ryan (Wisconsin) and Melanie Felton (Georgia). Too bad, I would have loved to have sampled Texas A&M Corpus Christi's "Island Kool Ranch Dip" and USC's "Bowl Full of Ranch Dip Covering $500 In Illegal Booster Payments."

So what do we have here? We can only assume that Barb Kruger has been making Runnin' Rebel Ranch Guacamole for years and the coincidental hiring of her husband Lon at UNLV has made this all a great coincidence for family barbecues and get-togethers. Alas, I'm not trusting anything that comes out of UNLV for another ten years. Sorry, Barb.

Kelly Ryan's Badger Cheddar and Ranch Fondue brought to us by Wisconsin. Not surprisingly, the fondue is bulky, uninteresting and not as good as Ohio State's.

Next up is Georgia Peach Salsa with Bulldog Ranch Crisps, which would be a real hit at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, if there still was such a thing. Remember that the website told us that these were recipes "developed by the wives of college basketball’s best-loved coaches." Quick, who is the coach of Georgia? Jim Harrick? Nope. Yeah, so much for that. Disqualified.

That leave Juli and her Orange's Cheese and Ranch Dip. Despite it looking like the splotches on the Marshall Street sidewalk at 3am, Juli took the biggest risk and for that she deserves to be congratulated. Plus, Juli is #3 in the country in the RPI (Ranch Performance Index).

Get to it and vote her into the finals. And be sure to sign up for the Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dunk & Dip Bracket Challenge. I'm sure ESPN is hosting somewhere...