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Bad News All Around

First, I find out that Bad News Brown has passed away.

Second, the Cuse
loses 89-83 to Notre Dame. Bad day, indeed.

It was a day of "despites" as the Orange lost despite a 24 point-15 rebound performance from Paul Harris, who officially looks to be fulfilling his early-season promise. The Orange also lost despite Terrence Roberts' 10 point-20 rebound performance. The Orange lost despite out-rebounding the Irish by 10.

What went so wrong? As Boeheim put it quite simply, "I just don't think we made the shots and free throws necessary to win the game." The Orange were 5-23 from beyond the arc and 16-29 from the line. Letting the Irish hit 13 3-pointers didn't help either.

Notre Dame will play Georgetown today and Louisville will take on Pittsburgh.

So where does that leave the Orange?
Joe Lunardi has moved the Orange up to a 10-seed to face off against 7-seed Duke. Considering the Devils lost last night, I think its more likely that they're an 8/9 seed (unless Billy Packer and Dick Vitale are part of the process, which would ensure Duke a bye until the Elite 8). This site also has the Orange as a 10, this time against BYU. My guess is that the Orange are looking at a 9...but the next few days will have as much to say about that as what the Cuse has done to this point.