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Avert Your Gaze!!!

Oh. My. God.

However bad you thought the new Syracuse uniforms might look...I promise had no idea...

According to

Starting tomorrow night, four top schools—Arizona, Florida, Ohio State, and Syracuse—will don Nike's System of Dress, a radical new look that brings Raf Simons–style proportion-play to the hard court. Complementing the aforementioned shorts are formfitting jerseys ten inches smaller in the torso, resulting in a second-skin look that's more Bode Miller than Ben Wallace. Players will also be able to customize their uniforms by adding options like padded shorts (to protect against the errant knee or elbow) and Dwyane Wade–style leg wraps.

My only ray of sunshine...the look on Andy Rautin's face when he has to wear his form-fitting jersey out in public for the first time.