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At Least One Boeheim Made The Finals This Year

What a night for Syracuse. The basketball team wins in front of a record crowd. The entire evening passes without a member of the lacrosse team punching someone in the face. And Juli Boeheim advances to the finals of the Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dunk & Dip Challenge!

Juli stormed into the finals, garnered double the amount of votes than her closest competitor (who also happens to be her opponent this week). UNLV might be making headlines for their appearance in the Sweet 16 but sadly, I don't think there will be any Runnin' Rebel Guac Dip at the next Kruger family outing. It bombed out with only 277 votes. Me thinks Lon and Kevin were sending a not-so-subtle message, mom.

We broke the tournament down previously so you can refer to that if you need helping picking a winner between the wife of whoevers coaching Georgia these days and the talented, beautiful, well-groomed Ms. Jim Boeheim. So make yourself some Orange Cheese and Ranch Dip and get ready for the Cuse-Clemson game this Wednesday.

Makes you wonder...what godforsaken orange and purple concoction is the Clemson coaches' wife preparing?