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Ah, College...

Invariably, 95% of all college students will have the following conversation with their parents at some point over their time in school:

Parent: Something you want to tell me?
Student: No.
Parent: Perhaps you want to explain something to me?
Parent: You want to explain to me why last semester your GPA was 3.2 and now its a 1.8?
Student: ...
Parent: How is that even possible? I mean...are you even going to class?
Student: Yeah.
Parent: So what...what is it? What are you doing with your time, for which I'm paying $20,000 a year for by the way, or did you forget that? Well? Answer me!
Student: ...dunno...stuff...

Parents of America, may I present you with the answer to your queries:

Save to del. icio. us.