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Weekend Warriors

Ha-yuge weekend for the Orange faithful.

The 2007 Lacrosse campaign begins with a visit from the Hobart Statesmen (Ho-Bart. Ho-Bart-College) at 1pm ET on Sunday. The Orange are ranked #3 in the country and while I could talk out of my ass trying to preview the team, you and I would be much better served by visiting Orange44's comprehensive 2007 preview of the team. What I do know is that despite finishing last season 6-8, Hobart did defeat the Orange 9-8. Me thinks there's some revenge afoot this weekend.

But before that can happen, the Jeffrey Kittens' UConn Huskies come to town for a rematch. SUAthletics announced this will be the "largest on-campus crowd this season to watch a college basketball game," so, you know, this might be a good one to win. The Huskies won round one 67-60 back on February 5th but the stakes couldn't be higher for both teams right now. NCAA Tourney bids and, dare I say, Big East Tourney bids are on the line.

If you're attending the game and thinking about exacting a little verbal revenge for what UConn fans gave Paul Harris during the last game, I'll just say keep it clean, kids. And by "keep it clean," I mean "just don't get caught."

Quick rivalry stats:

Overall: 46-33 Syracuse
At SU: 22-12 Syracuse
Last 11 Match-ups: UConn 8, Syracuse 3