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The Wait For G'town Is On...Literally

Providence is up next for the Orange but don't tell that to these guys. I leave it to them to explain what's going on:

In a little more than a week, Georgetown is coming here for a Big Monday match up against our beloved Orange. For a game of this magnitude, there is going to be an extensive wait for the best possible seats in the general admission student section. As we've done for 4 years, we will be outside, braving the winter elements for a pretty long time. In this blog, you'll find daily (or multi-daily) updates from the line forming at the Carrier Dome - (Gate E) by myself or one of the many other superfans. There will be great stories, pictures, and maybe even some movies. We should be getting some guest appearances by some pretty important people along the way, too.

Damn you, current students of Syracuse. Damn you and your lack of concerns for anything that doesn't revolve around watching basketball, drinking and taking zany photos of selves drinking while watching basketball.

This is news to me, I didn't realize you had to wait for tickets these days. More power to you guys, keep fighting the good fight. Be sure to check in daily to see if the guys make it to the front row or if they lose the battle with the green tent next door.