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That, My Friend, Is A Shared Moment

Andy: S'up, bro.
Eric: Sup. Lights out tonight, dawg. Good lookin' out. (Extends hand for a low-five)
Andy: Thanks bro.(Smacks his hand but holds on a little longer than expected)
Eric: Dude, what the-
Andy: What, too much? I just thought-
Eric: Not in front of everyone, dawg.
Andy: Who? There's like 47 people here.
Eric: Not cool, man.
Andy: Whatever. (beat) I dedicate all my points to you, you feelin' that?
Eric: Yeah, whatever dawg.
Andy: What, you afraid of what Coach thinks?
Eric: Please. Like I care what that old man thinks. Him and that beard wife of his...
Andy: Word. Us against the world, bro. Foreva.
(Reaches out for Eric's hand)
Eric: (sighs) When we're on the plane home, aight?
Andy: Aight. (beat) Your skin feels like silk.
Eric: What??
Andy: Just sayin' moisturize?
Eric: Twice a day.
Andy: Oh, it shows...