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Syracuse Sports Update, Semi-Pro Style

You may think its all about the Orange in the city of Syracuse, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

Well, alright, you'd be right, but that's assuming an employee of one of these two teams wasn't in the room.

The minor league hockey team in town, the Syracuse Crunch, whom my friends and I promised to go watch at least 200 times while at school and actually attended zero games, are running a timely promotion. Via Deadspin, I learned that the Crunch are promoting a Women With Shaved Heads Night in honor of Britney Spears during their February 24th game against the Manitoba Moose. Show up female and bald and you'll get to see the game for free.

Now before you judge, let me remind you that this is all about reaching out and building bridges. The Crunch have invited Ms. Spears to attend the game in "a stress free environment and the chance to experience a high level of hockey." Apparently there's a shuttle to Buffalo waiting for her when she arrives.

Hockey and/or shameless promotion are not your thing huh? Well then let me direct your attention to the American Basketball Association (ABA), home of the Rochester Razorsharks, Buffalo Silverbacks, Vermont Frost Heaves and now...the Syracuse Bullies. The team is the brainchild of Nicholas Fritts, who said "I've been getting a lot of fan response saying they were dying for an ABA team." By fan response saying they were dying for an ABA team, we assume he means his wife, that guy at the end of the bar and Skip at the grocery.

Former Syracuse players Lazarus Sims and Kueth Duany already call the ABA home, as well as Hakim Warrick's half-brother, Jamal Nichols (whatever that means). Sims is considered a strong choice as the team's coach and Fritts promises to ingratiate more former Orange talent into the team.

Fritts' only regret seems to be not having this idea sooner, as "a lot of players like Gerry McNamara wouldn't have had to go overseas to play. He wouldn't be in Bakersfield right now. He could have played for me. He could have stayed in Syracuse." As enticing as it sounds, one has to wonder if a league that rewards teams for bonus scoring
when a red light is on in certain situations (kinda like midnight bowling!) would be the best route to the NBA.