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The Road To 4-8 Is Paved With Middling Expectations

The 2007 Syracuse football schedule is officially set and announced.

Friday, August 31
vs. Washington, 8:00pm

Saturday, September 8
at Iowa, TBD

Saturday, September 15
vs. Illinois, TBD

Saturday, September 22
at Louisville, TBD

Saturday, September 29
at Miami (OH), TBD

Saturday, October 6
vs. West Virginia, TBD

Saturday, October 13
vs. Rutgers, TBD

Saturday, October 20
vs. Buffalo, TBD

Saturday, November 3
at Pittsburgh, TBD

Saturday, November 10
vs. South Florida, TBD

Saturday, November 17
at UConn, TBD

Saturday, November 24
vs. Cincinnati, TBD

The Buffalo game in the middle of the season looked strange until it dawned on me. That's gotta be Parent's Weekend. I mean, we don't have Temple to kick around anymore and Rutgers is more likely to schedule US for Parent's Weekend these days. Good lord...if that's not a sobering view of the state of Syracuse football, I don't know what else is.

As for The Big Three: Part Duex, here's when those games will take place:

West Virginia at Rutgers, Saturday October 27, TBD
Louisville at West Virginia, Thursday November 8, 7:30 pm
Rutgers at Louisville, Thursday November 29, 7:30pm

Slowly but surely, we'll go back to playing all of our major conference games on Saturdays like every other BCS conference, but not this year...