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Orange Recruits On The Internets

I can't say I got all excited yesterday about the recruiting news. It's just not my bag, baby. We stress over these guys so much when they're actually wearing orange uniforms, I just don't have the energy to do so BEFORE they even put them on.

I can look at the rankings and numbers on paper and say that it looks like we had a pretty middling recruiting class but to honest I don't really know that and I don't even think the experts know. You know how NFL experts are constantly getting it wrong drafting guys out of college? Imagine how much more that must happen at this level.

I did manage to jot down some notes based on searching the Intertubes on the newbies. Please note, they are as random and unrelated to the requirements of being a good football player as possible.

Van Chew, WR.
All in favor of nicknaming this guy Chewie? Sold! Also love the fact that Chew is listed as a WR but all his pertinent stats are as a QB and RB.

Chad Battles, LB.
Chad needs to stop worrying about basketball and get some new MySpace wallpaper, now. Love the AC/DC shirt...Chad's takes your expectations and toys with them.

(While I can't find the official story, I read that Chad and his family were uprooted in the devastation of Hurricane Katrina before relocating in Virginia. Here's to hoping Chad's success is just the beginning of good things for the family.)

Cody Catalina, QB
With a name like that its quarterback or porn for you my friend. These will be some formative years for you indeed.

Doug Hogue, RB (left)
What's with our recruits and their basketball-dominated MySpace pages? And Doug, I'm not saying that being on MySpace for six months and having only one friend (Tom, at that...) is terrible, but, you might want to work on your friend-making skills before heading out to your first Chi Delt mixer in August.

Rob Long, P

Takes the smart route and hides his profile from bottom-feeders looking to corrupt his nubile mind for personal me.

Randy MicKinnon, RB/S
You've got five incomplete MySpace profiles, you can't commit to a position...not a good start to our relationship, Randy. We need a commitment.

Jermaine Pierce, LB (left)
Single. Virgo. I Don't Want Kids.

I like it Jermaine, simple, concise and to the point.

Bud Tribbey, DT
Single. Sagitarious. I Don't Want Kids.

Bud, Jermaine. Jermaine, Bud.

Romale Tucker, LB
Romale had a tough time deciding between Cuse and Virginia. Ultimately his decision was swayed toward Syracuse after mother was happy with the way that the school offered "bible study and [is] religious." Did we send Romale to Providence for his official visit and pull a tricker on him or something?