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More Dunkin', Less Donuts (Until After The Game)

Did you know the Orange are one win away from 1,700 all-time? I know that snuck up on me. Seems like only yesterday we were young pups, proud to win 1,600. I'd tell you who we beat that day but I leave that hard work and research to OrangeHoops. The really weird thing is, Jim Boeheim has been involved in 1,696 of those wins.

The Orange (19-8, 8-5) play the first of two games in three days when they visit the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and its 70's-riffic logo to play Providence (17-9, 7-6) on Saturday. The teams are separated by one game in the Big East and each win/loss means tons at this point. Between Syracuse, West Virginia, Providence, DePaul and Villanova, any of them could end up being ranked as high as fifth or as low as tenth (Apparently UConn still plays basketball too. I'm sure they're in there somewhere).

And as much as I appreciate their stat-padding, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle can take it easy with Syracuse's Big East record. It's good, but it ain't THAT good.

As for the #2 lacrosse team in the country, they welcome
Army into town today. The 1-0 Cadets lost to the Orange last year and aren't expected to pose much of a threat this time around. Still, its early and if Virginia's loss last week showed us, lacrosse is quickly going the way of basketball where anyone can beat anyone else on any given day.