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The Lax Revolution Will Be Televised

Via's Lacrosse blog, The ESPN Networks put out the good word today that they have a multitude of lacrosse-related programming coming your way this year. About God damn time, fellas...

Some of the highlights:

*ESPN2 will be the home to Inside Lacrosse, the new studio show dedicated to, um, lacrosse, sponsored by, um, Inside Lacrosse Magazine.

*There will be a 2007 College Lacrosse preview special, scheduled to premiere on ESPN2 on Thursday, Feb. 22
at 4 p.m.

*Every game of the 2007 Men's Lax playoffs will be televised
for the first time ever, as long as you actually get ESPNU (I don't...THANKS Time Warner). The U will provide exclusive coverage of all eight First Round games and all the Quarterfinal games as well. ESPN2 will televise the National Semifinals on May 26 and ESPN will present the National Championship on May 28.

*The U will televise the Inside Lacrosse Face-Off Classic Saturday, Mar. 3 at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium featuring the four teams that have won every NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship since 1992 as #2 Johns Hopkins will play #4 Princeton at noon, with #3 Syracuse playing #1 Virginia at 2:30 p.m.

*Through some shady back-handed deal that must involve free medical exams for ESPNU staffers, The U will present every Johns Hopkins men's home game this season.

*ESPNU will also be featuring tons of hardcore, barely-legal regular season lacrosse action throughout the year. I can't list all the games so how bout I just list the ones that matter:

Saturday, Mar. 3

2:30 p.m.
#1 Virginia at #3 Syracuse

Saturday, Mar. 31
1 p.m.
#3 Syracuse at #13 Loyola (Md.)

Saturday, Apr. 7 .
3 p.m.
#3 Syracuse at #4 Princeton

Saturday, Apr. 28
3 p.m.
#3 Syracuse at #10 Massachusetts