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Having Fun With Homoeroticism

I'm never one to shy away from reading way too far into things to find the homoerotic undercurrent in Syracuse-related media, as you've probably noted here and here. It takes a lot of hard work to create the subtext needed to turn an innocent photo of two male friends holding hands or hugging and whispering in each other's ears and make them mean something more. However from the time, life will throw you a gimme. All you can do is say thank you and spread the love. (Actual thanks go to commenter Neddy)

You know what they say...if you're looking for something, that's probably what you'll see. Like in this video, if you want to see an almost nude Matt Gorman dancing in crotchless underwear in a room full of guys, attempting to grind against one in particular, well then THAT'S what you're going to see.

Grow up, will you?

(Alas, the video has been removed. Probably for the best where Matt Gorman's mother is concerned)