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Go Forth, Young Croats

Jer over at Cuse Country did a bang-up job yesterday scouring and compiling every Syracuse-player-related MySpace page out there. However, he waited until today to unleash his pièce de résistance.

Remember Craig Forth? Of course you do. Craig had quite a few accomplishments while playing ball at Cuse. He started all 136 games of his collegiate career, finishing in fourth-place on the games-played at Syracuse list. Forth finished seventh in career blocks at Syracuse with 205 and just to prove he was no dummy (even though he might have been called that a few times by various Orange fans), he became the first men's basketball player to earn multiple Academic All-America honors.

Since graduation, life has changed for Craig. He's gotten married, he played pro ball in Croatia, he's...wait a minute, I'm spoiling all the fun here. Instead of me rambling on, why don't you just go check out The Adventures of Craig and Amanda. It is exactly what you think it is...a play-by-play of the goings on of Craig Forth and his wife whilst in Eastern Europe, complete with wedding updates and photos. Get to know Craig all over again, this time without all that angst over whether or not he was going to properly box out Ryan Gomes.

There haven't been any posts since September but according to Craig's MySpace page, that's probably because he's back in the US teaching. Good luck to the Forths, but, as Syracusan points out, um, Craig, you won a National Championship...where's the ring???