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Finally, Rooting For Syracuse Pays Off

Congrats are in order for Orange 44. Although they didn't win The Job Award in the College Football Blogger Awards but they were designated Runner-Up, with the stipulation if winner Hey Jenny Slater was unable to fulfill their duties, Orange 44 will be notified that they need to be in Redondo Beach this weekend for the Little Miss Blogger show wherein they will hop in an orange-colored VW van with their wacky, eccentric family and, despite the animosity between them, hijinks will ensue and they will all make it to the competition in time and everyone will learn something and grow together.

In the category of Best
Big East/Notre Dame Blog, it seemed only natural that Notre Dame hub Blue-Gray Sky took home the hardware. Card Chronicle had a great showing overall, netting Runner-Up in this category as well as the Best New Blog category.

Congrats to all the honorees!