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Finally, The Internets Are Good For Something

You might think that you needed to be at the Carrier Dome yesterday to know what it was like to storm the court after the thrilling victory over Georgetown that almost-assuredly propelled the Orange to the NCAA Tourney. But you'd be wrong...yet again.

You can enjoy the court-stormin' action a multitude of ways, thanks to the YouTubes!

You can enjoy it as if you paid $10 for an upper deck ticket:

You can enjoy it as if you paid $15 for an upper-deck ticket that's slightly more in-line with the action:

You can enjoy it as if you paid $35 for a ticket and though to yourself when you got there that these seats are good but not what you thought when you bought them:

You can enjoy it as a student with the lung capacity of someone who hasn't smoked Marlboro Reds for the last thirty years:

You can enjoy it as part of the "calm before the storm":

You can enjoy it as a member of the band who probably should have been more concerned with hitting his e-flats:

Or you can just skip the whole thing and get to the "Hey" song, which apparently includes the lyric "we're gonna kick the shit out of you," which I did not know: