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Duke Pettijohn, Just A Fun Name To Say In General

The Post Standard's Donnie Webb points us towards this nice little story about former Cuse DE Duke Pettijohn, who now plays for the Dallas Desperados of the AFL and has become something of a Renaissance man. I mention this not for any particular reason other than I took a class once with Duke and his buddy Quentin Spotwood (he of Freshman All-America honors and unfulfilled expectations) and they seemed like pretty cool guys (inasmuch as you can sense from spending 45 minutes with someone three times a week for three months).

Pettijohn finished his career second on the school's all-time sack list with 24.5 but has found his calling in Arena ball as a "fullback/linebacker/defensive end." While the league is changing its substitution policies in order to attract bigger name talent who can only play one position ( like Lincoln Kennedy, who un-retired to play this year), Pettijohn should continue to be a star on the team. Good luck, Duke, I hope our experiences together in remedial calculus served you well. I know they did nothing for me.