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Cuse Women, Lock Up Your Boyfriends

You know Jenn Sterger. The FSU football aficionado who parlayed her large, barely-covered bosom into a Maxim spread and parlayed that into a Playboy spread and parlayed that into a Sports Illustrated "column."

The Big Lead pointed us in the direction of the first edition of the Jenn-X Road Show (named so by a forty-something ad exec) which stopped by Wichita State. Let the shocker jokes ensue (and apparently they did, I don't have the time or desire to watch the video on the right side of this page).

Big Lead has this to say about Jenn's next move:

SI really needs to take the show to a warm-weather campus. Out with the hoodies and jeans and jackets, and in with the shorts, tank tops, and body shots.

The Axeman's blog (I picked a good day to discover this guy) fills us in and lets us know exactly the kind of warm-weather locale we can expect to see Jenn strutting her scantily-clad stuff in...Syracuse. An FSU party girl (is there any other kind?) on the prowl with a camera and low-cut t-shirt...this can't be good news for the bundled ladies of SU. You've been warned.