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Cuse Is In The Tourney, Oh My God, Oh My God!

Man, the way the Internets is reacting to last nights drubbing of Georgetown, you'd think Syracuse just clinched a spot in the Final Four. I should have known that when the game was the top story on ESPN (with a photo of the Georgetown Hoyas, no less), this was big. But you can see for yourself how quickly everyone jumps on the Orange bandwagon here and here.

Bracketology waits for no man and Joe has already updated things to make Cuse a #9 seed, pitting them against BYU before a showdown with North Carolina.

The Axeman brings up a good point. It's in Daryl Gross' best interest to schedule the Hoyas for the last home game of the season every year. In every instance its happened since 1986, we're 8-0.

Finally, Orange Nation is well aware of ESPN's Doug Gottlieb and his bias against Syracuse. After recently making comments that he felt the Orange weren't going to make the tournament, Jim "I Don't Pay Attention To That Kind Of Stuff" Boeheim had enough and voiced his concerns after the G'town game (when he wasn't trying to melt last night's referees with his eyes, right):

"We didn’t have a chance four games ago. Doug Gottlieb said we don’t even have a chance to be in the tournament,’’ Boeheim said. "We were 8-5 in the Big East and we don’t have a chance? We beat Marquette at Marquette and they’re in the tournament. We beat Villanova by 11 points and they’re in the tournament? And Syracuse doesn’t have a chance to be in the tournament? I don’t mind if they say we’re on the bubble, but when they say we don’t have a chance to be in the tournament that’s just absolutely absurd. People like that should lose all credibility. All credibility."

Your move, Doug.