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Cold Front Moving Through Tampa

Sounds like Upstate New York got quite a lashing at the hands of Mother Nature in the last few days. Its so bad that SU canceled late classes today due to bad weather, which hasn't happened since 1993 (except for that crazy tornado/duracho thing that happened in '99 that ripped the roofs off of South Campus buildings and smashed the windshield on my '92 GMC Jimmy).

Sounds pretty bad up there but nothing Central New Yorkers aren't used to. Perhaps someone needs to tell the folks in Tampa cause apparently they expect a mass exodus from Onondaga County to sunny Florida for tonight's game. Why else would they have issued a large crowd warning for tonight's game? Is Tampa a hotbed for Orange alumni and no one told me? Do they think its 2003 and Carmelo's showing up tonight? I mean, its not like everyone in Central Florida has Bull Fever, is it?

Dear God, IS IT?!?!?

(Editor's Note: The announced crowd at the game was
6,292, the smallest crowd Syracuse had played in front of since they played in front of 4,025 at Miami in 2004. Thank God for the parking warnings.)