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Big East Power Pollin' 2/5

Let's check out the Big East Bloggers Weekly Power Poll for this week (first place votes in parenthesis):

1) Pittsburgh (14)
2) Marquette (2)
3) Georgetown
4) Notre Dame
5) West Virginia
6) Villanova
7) Louisville
8) Syracuse
9) Providence
10) DePaul
11) Connecticut
12) St
. John's
13) Seton Hall
14) South Florida
15) Rutgers
16) Cincinnati

Big mover: West Virginia and DePaul gained a spot, no real big movement otherwise.
Big dropper: Last week Louisville jumped up three spots, this week they go back down two.
This Week's Huh?: West Virginia received less total points than last week but actually moved up one spot.
Player of the Week: Jerel McNeal, Marquette
Freshman of the Week:
Da'Sean Butler, West Virginia

How bout the AP and ESPN/USAToday polls? All the AP voters agreed that Florida is the best team in the land, the first time that's happened in two years. Pittsburgh is still nestled at #7 in the AP but they moved up to #6 in the USAT/ESPN. Marquette continues its quiet climb up the charts, currently at #11/#12. Georgetown re-appeared in the polls for the first time since the beginning of the season at #22/#23 and while Notre Dame dropped out on the AP, they still remained in the USAT/ESPN poll at #21.

The Big East kicks off the week with a Big Monday that looks a little bigger on paper than it really is. That said, its a crucial game as far as Big East standings are concerned.

Syracuse @ Connecticut
Cincinnati @ Providence
Georgetown @ Louisville
Pittsburgh @ West Virginia
South Florida @ St. John's
Rutgers @ Marquette
Notre Dame @ DePaul
Marquette @ Georgetown
Villanova @ Seton Hall
South Florida @ Louisville
Cincinnati @ Rutgers
Providence @ Pittsburgh
St. John's @ Syracuse

There's also three major out-of-conference games this week: During the week Villanova meets St. Joseph's while over the weekend
Connecticut visits Georgia Tech and mighty UCLA comes to West Virginia.