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Big East Power Pollin' 2/20

No better way to get back into the swing of things (besides watching the video below one more time) than to check in with our friends at the BigEastBasketballReport and see what the Weekly Bloggers Poll looks like this week:

1) Pittsburgh (10)
2) Georgetown (5)
3) Louisville
4) Marquette
5) West Virginia
6) Notre Dame
7) Villanova
8) Syracuse
9) DePaul
10) Providence
11) Connecticut
12) St. John's
13) Seton Hall
14) South Florida
15) Rutgers
16) Cincinnati

Big mover: How bout Louisville, who jumps from #7 to #3. Helluva last few weeks for the Cardinals.
Big dropper: Villanova drops two spots from #5 to #7 and are officially in "nothing would surprise me" mode.
This Week's Huh?: Nothing overly shocking this week...the middle of the pack is so muddled that we won't know who's for real and who's pretending until the BE tourney.
Player of the Week: Jeff Green, Georgetown
Freshman of the Week: Jerome Dyson, Connecticut

In the AP and Coaches polls, Pittsburgh remains the highest-ranked Big East team at #10/#8, barely. The Hoyas have come on strong and are now at #12 in both polls, poised to take aim at the Big East crown. Marquette holds steady at #16 and while Louisville is the only other BE in the AP at #20, Notre Dame is the only other BE team in the Coaches poll at #23.

Some of the big games on tap this week for the Big East with Saturday being billed (by me) as D-Day.

DePaul at Notre Dame
West Virginia at Providence
G'town at Cincinnati
St Johns at Louisville
Syracuse at Providence
Pittsburgh at Georgetown
Marquette at Notre Dame
Rutgers at Villanova
Louisville at UConn
Duke at St. Johns