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Big East Power Pollin' 2/13

Let' take a look at the latest Big East Bloggers Weekly Power Poll (released before last night's games):

1) Pittsburgh (16)
2) Georgetown
3) Marquette
4) West Virginia
5) Villanova
6) Notre Dame
7) Louisville
8) Providence
8) Syracuse
10) DePaul
11) Connecticut
12) St. John's
13) Seton Hall
14) South Florida
15) Rutgers
16) Cincinnati

Big mover:
Georgetown does what was unthinkable a few weeks ago, moves into #2 and respectability
Big dropper: Notre Dame drops two spots and starts looking a little shady for NCAA selection
This Week's Huh?: As Louisville has gotten better, they haven't gotten respect in the poll. Me thinks that will change soon.
Player of the Week: Roy Hibbert, Georgetown

Freshman of the Week:
Eugene Harvey, Seton Hall

In the AP and Coaches polls...Pittsburgh is #7/#5 but after Louisville came to town last night, that will change. Marquette is still at #12/#13 but Georgetown has arrived in both polls at #14/#16. West Virginia rounds out the conference at #23/#22, but that too may change very soon thanks to G'town.

There's a late-season changing of the guard going on in the conference. Pitt is still the leader but there are cracks in the armor. Georgetown has now surpassed Marquette as the friskiest team in the conference and West Virginia now has to watch Louisville come in and steal some thunder. Teams like Syracuse, Villanova and Notre Dame have to be concerned with the late season surge of these teams in terms of NCAA tourney selection.

It goes without saying there are some big games this week:

Syracuse @ South Florida
Seton Hall @ Connecticut
Marquette @ DePaul
Cincinnati @ Villanova

Providence @ Notre Dame
Rutgers @ St. John's

Georgetown @ Villanova
Connecticut @ Syracuse
DePaul @ South Florida
St. John's @ Providence
Seton Hall @ West Virginia
Louisville @ Marquette

Notre Dame @ Cincinnati