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At Least Some Orange Went Bowling...

The countdown begins for the Super Bowl this weekend, a game that will not be nearly as one-sided as everyone seems to think it will (every time a top offense goes up against a top defense in the SB, the top defense prevails). I still think the Colts will get it done, in one of those games that was a little closer than the score indicates...31-20.

Special nods go out to the
five Orange alumni on the sidelines for the game. Some of them everyone knows (Indy DE Dwight Freeney and Indy WR Marvin Harrison) and rest only we can appreciate (Indy DE Ryan Lacasse and Indy DE Josh Thomas). Ind RB James Mungo is on injured reserve. So I guess any true Syracuse completist will no real rooting interest in the game might just have found their impetus. It's the most Syracuse alumni to be involved with a Super Bowl, beating out the previous best of four from Super Bowl 35 (Ravens-Giants).