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You Forgot "Win More"

A Happy New Year to everyone. I didn't make a resolution this year, partly because I never keep to them and partly because I wasn't in any kind of mental capacity at the time to make a sound decision regarding 2007 on the evening of December 31st.

Some of the Orange did take the time to make their own resolutions for 2007. Freshman Paul Harris made his goal to "hopefully hit a jump shot," which oddly enough was Coach Boeheim's exact same resolution.

Eric Devendorf claims he'll try to live a healthy lifestyle, disconcerting because a) the most important thing you do all day is play basketball and train to play basketball, what kind of lifestyle WERE you leading? And b) we're not sure where that "virus" came from Eric but we appreciate your efforts in keeping debilitating bacterial growths to a least through Big East play.

Love the photo of Paul Harris above, by the way. Don't pull on that post-practice doobie until ALL the reporters have left the locker room, Paul.