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Wait, There Really Was A 'Salad Bowl?'

I don't get the chance to link to The Onion too often, so I'll take it when I can get it. The AVClub did one of those posts that makes me kick myself for not doing first, a whatever happened to these bowl games rundown that is sure to bring back some memories...that will quickly be discarded again. The Bluebonnet Bowl, The Garden State Bowl, The Raisin Bowl and the Grandaddy of The Corporately Sponsored All, The Poulon/Weed Eater Bowl are all remembered not just for how they died from lack of interest but they are remembered for how they existed...without any interest.

And Cuse even gets some, um, love. When discussing the short-lived Cherry Bowl, Noel Murray writes:

In 1984, The Cherry Bowl featured Michigan State versus Army, and was a rousing success. In 1985, it featured Maryland and Syracuse, and nobody came. Thus endeth The Cherry Bowl.

Honestly I can think of no better escape from the harsh wintry reality of Upstate New York then the harsh wintery reality of Detroit, Michigan. For shame, 1984 Cusians. Put down your Coleco and support your Orange next time!

Love the Cherry Bowl program guide over to the left, by the way. Looks like the poster for a lost 80's slasher film starring Felissa Rose as a high school cheerleader stalked by a vengeful backup quarterback whom she spurned before he supposedly died in a car accident one year ago tonight.

CHERRY BOWL II...this time...its the pits!!!