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UConn't Beat The Mountaineers

See UConn, that's what happens when you play high schools through November and December. And for the next few hours, Husky haters can still relish the Big East standings which have UConn in dead last in the conference. Get your giggles in now.

There's a new Big East Weekly Bloggers Power Poll, one that I've got a bone to pick with and I'll let you guess where it is...

1) Pittsburgh (11)
2) Notre Dame (5)
3) Marquette
4) Connecticut
5) West Virginia
6) Georgetown

6) Villanova
8) Syracuse
9) DePaul
10) Louisville
11) Providence
12) Seton Hall
13) Cincinnati
14) St. John's
15) South Florida
16) Rutgers

All kidding aside, its absurd that anyone would continue to have UConn above West Virginia at this point. WVU has the same record, a tougher schedule played AND they just beat them head-to-head. I find it highly discouraging that anyone, let alone a group of people who follow the Big East intently, would give UConn the higher ranking right now.

Cuse not doing themselves many favors and they slip all the way to 8th. I started compiling a case for combating that but then realized that none existed.

In the AP and USA Today/ESPN polls, Pittsburgh remains the top BE team at #10 in both. There's a difference of opinion about Marquette, #15 in the AP and #21 in the USAT/ESPN, and while UConn dropped to #18 in the AP, the USAT/ESPN poll dare not drop the Huskies past #14 for fear of Jim Calhoun's wrath. Rounding out the rankings is Notre Dame (#17, #22) and West Virginia (#25, UNR).

Since the human polls can be less than...correct, let's take a look at the RPI rankings. Pittsburgh at #8 and Villanova (!) at #11 are the only two Big East teams in the Top 40. Notre Dame (#45) and Georgetown (#46) make the Top 50 with Providence, Syracuse, West Virginia, as well. UConn and Marquette making it into the Top 100. Rutgers brings up the rear of the conference at #201.

Some big games as Big East play is underway this week. There's a lot of middling going on the conference so far, expect to see tiers take shape after some of these match-ups.

Louisville @ Notre Dame
Villanova @ West Virginia

Syracuse @ Pittsburgh
Marquette @ Providence

Notre Dame @ Georgetown
DePaul @ Villanova

Syracuse @ Marquette