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UConn Hates America

A little late on this but I just came across this running fiasco that involves UConn apparently reneging on its commitments to play the Naval Academy in football for the next four seasons.

Accusations have run wild on why the Huskies dropped their commitment, ranging from UConn's lack of appreciation for its the 41-17 butt-thumping that Navy put on them this past year to UConn's attempt to soften up its schedule (replacing Navy with Akron). Now reports are surfacing that Navy
actually initiated the drop and that UConn is trying to make room for a series against Notre Dame. But I think the truth lies somewhere close to one man's opinion that UConn is basically no better than the terrorists.

"I find the actions of UConn, especially in a time of war, not only appalling, but downright unpatriotic."

If you can't put in the time during practice to truly learn how to defend the triple-option, then the terrorists have already won.

This all has a lot of folks thinking that Syracuse should step in and try to schedule the Cadets and apparently, some of those folks work for SU. The Post Standard's Dave Rahme emailed SU Assistant AD Rob Edson with that suggestion and his response was that "We have been speaking with Navy regarding future football scheduling for the last six months." Forward-thinking, that SU athletic department. However don't tell Wyoming but apparently we're trying to back out of going there even though the Cowboys traveled to SU this year and haded us one of our victories. Stay classy, Cuse.

Ed. Note: They're the Midshipmen, not the Cadets. Might as well ship me off to Guantanamo.