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Somebody, Get This Man Plastered!

Excuse the late Friday YouTube binge but I just couldn't wait on this one.

Imagine its 1993. You're an impressionable, young lacrosse fan watching the Syracuse Orange(men) take on the North Carolina TarHeels for the National title. It's the middle of the 2nd quarter and Syracuse is running away with it. You start thinking to yourself, "It's the weekend, which is usually a time to relax and unwind from the pressures of work and school ." You put a monocle over your right eye and dust off that copy of The Iliad on your bookshelf and turn to page 1 when you start to think, "No, you know what would be even better? To abuse drugs and alcohol!" Next thing you know you're calling up your buddies on your over-sized Zack Morris cellular phone and telling them to come over so you can all get "plastered" or "wasted," whichever happens first.

Then Syracuse lacrosse legend Gary Gait appears on screen and life as you know it changes forever: