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A Respectable Loss...If This Was 1987

All bets are off! With a 64-60 loss to lowly St. Johns, it's official, we are in the midst of one of those Syracuse seasons where nothing would surprise you. This team could end up winning the Big East or losing every game for the rest of the year and neither outcome would be shocking at this point.

It happens every 2-3 years. A Syracuse team with no ceiling and no basement. I can tell you from experience that there is no fun in rooting for a team like this...but it must be done. We can no longer officially "take a game off" as fans. We now know its impossible to know when this team will bring it and when they will lay down. Every game, be it against St. Johns, Rutgers, Cincinnati or NYU is officially necessary to fret over and frightful to watch. We will live in fear for the rest of the season.

2007 Syracuse Basketball...Climb Aboard!