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The Only Prescription Is More Cold-Weather Bowls...

If there's anything we learned from watching the Poinsettia Bowl, Armed Forces Bowl, Motor City Bowl, Bowl and International Bowl this year, its that we as a nation need more college football bowl games. It's not good enough that three of the thirty-two games played are entertaining, we need to think bigger...we need three out of thirty-THREE!

It's with that thinking one would imagine that the Big Apple Bowl is trying to begin its existence. Spurred on by the rousing success of the
Garden State Bowl (Freezing temperatures and a lack of successful local college teams contributed to its demise), a brainy few have decided that when college football fans think of where they want to spend a day mid-week in mid-December, they think of East Rutherford, New Jersey.

When the proposal for the Manhattan Stadium for the Jets died, everyone thought this died with it. Alas...I'm not able to read the whole thing, but
here's the basic gist of where things are now and how the bowl could be played at the new stadium being built for the Giants and Jets. Assumedly, it'll be either Rutgers, Syracuse or Pittsburgh versus a 6-6 team from the Big Ten or ACC every year.

What's sadder, that there are people with money who expect this to work or that Syracuse would KILL to play in this game right now?