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The Jam Aren't Kidding Around

If the arrival of Gerry McNamara wasn't enough to convince you that the Bakersfield Jam are committed to putting a NBDL Championship-caliber team on the floor every night, then perhaps you were waiting for a guy who makes $2 million/year to suit up. That time is now.

Patrick O'Bryant, rookie for the Golden State Warriors and NBA lottery pick, has joined the Jam as the new starting center. O'Bryant, who makes $2.06 million a year when the most any of his teammates can hope to make is $24,000 a year, was sent to the Jam on Coach Jim Harrick's request.

How long will O'Bryant and McNamara's co-existence dominate the NBDL hardwood, forming one of the great dynasties in the history of minor league basketball? Say O'Bryant:

"As short as I can possibly make it."

Well, then...